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Goodbye diapers – a great day for baby and mom

Separation from diapers is a long process for every parent and toddler, and in early childhood it represents a major milestone that requires a lot of patience and encouragement. There is no universal answer to how to go about the process, as every child is different. Learning and conquering new goals, in the end, creates a strong bond between parent and child, to help our little heroes become a big hero. And such heroes are all our children.

I tell you more why I think so.

Separation from diapers and the first sleepless night

The first sleepless night in my bed, the first time without a pacifier, the first vacation, the first time dry panties and I could go on and on. The last one is still “a work in progress”, so I share my experiences and advice with you.

Separating from the diaper is a long process. In fact, it starts on the day we put the baby’s nappy on the little bottom for the first time. Babies spend the whole day in a diaper and that is why it is really important to opt for quality diapers that we change regularly. We must also make sure that the baby’s skin does not become inflamed – so we consistently use protective creams.

So babies spend at least a year or two in diapers, often even longer. And how happy they are when we get a diaper down, leave them naked on a tetra diaper, and allow them to stretch a little without the diaper. At that time, they often pee because it is a little colder without clothes, but nothing serious. I practiced this often as I really felt the satisfaction of my little girls when they were naked.

With little girls, it was always important to me to cover the diaper. The little queens won’t let their diapers to be seen, are they? So I was very happy to discover that there are decorative diaper panties that nicely cover the diapers and even beautify the whole “outfit” of the little baby. How much nicer it is when diaper panties show up under a dress than a multi-colored diaper would be peeking out? Decorative panties were a must-have basic brace for my girls, from spring to fall when it was warmer and they were only dressed in a dress and these decorative panties for over a diaper.

Getting used to the potty and a baby seat potty

From the day they knew how to sit alone, I sat them on the potty. In the morning, after breakfast, there was often a routine of putting a book next to it so that it would be easier to stay for a minute or so. Believe it or not, often after sitting for 5 to 10 minutes on the potty, a small puddle appeared and the first applause, the enthusiasm of the mother, and a wide smile and pride on the toddler’s face.

Around the age of one, we moved this routine from the potty to the toilet bowl. That’s when we first started getting used to climbing the toilet bowl with the help of a double stool and sitting on the baby seat potty. Toddlers like to be “big”, just like mom and the fact that they can use the toilet is really something special for them. For parents as well, as there is less work to do with cleaning the potty. Winning combination!

Upon entering the kindergarten, we went to the toilet every morning as soon as we got up and encouraged the small or large need to go to the toilet. When we had more time in the morning, we were more successful, but if we hurried, the performance was lower. If we had a calmer day, we also placed this activity in the evening part of the day, because, as with everything, “practice makes perfect”.

Separation from the diaper over the weekend

Around the age of a year and a half of my two daughters, however, we began conducting experimental weekends of separation from a diaper. When we were planning to be home over the weekend, we took off our diaper on Friday after kindergarten, put on some nice panties and sat our toddler on the shell. Another tip: it is good to have a large stock of panties.

I prepared a slip of paper and a pen in a convenient place and recorded the times when my daughter went to the toilet. I also encouraged the use of the toilet by sitting my daughter on the baby toilet seat every 15 to 30 minutes. In addition, it took a lot of encouragement with beautiful panties, how beautiful the skin is because there is no more diaper, that the skin is never inflamed again, that she is becoming a big girl, that she knows how to do things like mom and dad. I highlighted the example of my older sister, the example of kindergarten, the example of a friend who was already without a diaper. It works positively. With the trial weekend, I persevered for a day or two, if there were too many “accidents,” I ended up with a “work” weekend.

I myself conducted trial separation weekends once a month or every two months, or as we managed with our time.

Our experience of separation from diapers

My experience is that I had fewer of these “weekend” trials with my firstborn, maybe only two or three, Lana was “dry” at two years and two months. In the second child, however, there were more of these attempts. Amarin was “dry” after five or six “weekend” trials and age of two years and four months. Probably the worse results of the second experiment were also influenced by the fact that I had only one child in the first-born, and in the second-born there were more disturbing factors inadvertently caused by the older sister.

There is a lot of talk about the time of year when it is appropriate to try separation from diapers. My experience did not depend on that. Lana was separated in June and Amarin in January. I’m more of the opinion that successful separation happens when the baby is ready (and the mom has a lot of patience, time, and energy to do it).

No diaper overnight

The successful completion of separating from diapers is followed by the phase when the diaper is removed during sleep. We start by removing a diaper during the daily rest. Children learn this quickly, especially if we consistently put them to the toilet before going to bed and again immediately after they wake up. When they are “dry” during the day’s rest, we try during the night in the same way. At the same time, we must pay attention every time child wakes up at night. If he wakes up at night and cries, it doesn’t necessarily mean he was dreaming something bad. Then take him to the toilet, as the reason for waking up and crying is usually a need for a pee, but in sleep they can’t tell.

Additional tips:

  • Mandatory equipment is to set a waterproof washable pad under the sheet in the toddler’s bed so that there will not be too much work in case of a night accident. You will be able to wash the lining and the sheet, and the bed will be fresh again,
  • Find a booklet that tells in a fun way about separating from diapers and read it often.
  • Together with your baby, set up a sheet or board and record successful events and “accidents”. You can record this with stickers, specifying the number of stickers to stick to small wins that lead to a prize, such as an afternoon activity of your child’s choice.
  • For the first few days, when the toddlers are “dry”, use a nappy in the car. Try to do the urination before and after driving, however, to avoid frequent general cleaning of the car seat.
  • Also in the first days without diapers, be sure to bring spare underwear – at least underpants, tops, pants. That way, you’ll be prepared if an “accident” happens.
  • Keep plain and moisturizing wipes with you.
  • When you leave home, go to the toilet again with your toddler. This way you will avoid the first stops and confusion about where to go to the toilet.
  • Encourage the child to pee in nature, outdoors, because children enjoy and it is a special event for them if you encourage them to pee in a way that it is necessary to water the grass, flowers, tree to grow better.

I wish you many small victories. Above all, enjoy all the snippets of your little heroes growing up, they’re only small once, and time flies by us too fast anyway.

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15. 6. 2021

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