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Bright colours and a dress in winter? Of course!

Winter brings a lot of beauty. The changes of nature, when in the mornings, evenings and at night, even if there is no blanket of snow, it conjures up glittering, white, fairy-tale frosty images. But if we are also delighted by the snow package, everything is even more beautiful. They are also downright magical sunsets and the colours created by the setting sun, flowing between yellow, orange, red and pink all the way to grey and blue. We like to say with children that Saint Nicholas bakes cookies for obeying children.

Then the mood leads us to the festive December, into advent chores, when we do daily tasks with children in accordance with the advent calendar prepared by us parents, from sowing grain in a pot, setting wreaths, decorating Christmas trees, other home decorations, writing letters to Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus, baking cookies and evening walks with a lamp, to other tasks such as tidying up the room, massaging the parents by the children and helping with tidying up after lunch. What all the helpers of Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus can think of and write in the secret messages of the Advent calendar to the children! 😊 During this time, we do not forget about others, so we get involved in a charity campaign and take care of the socially or medically weaker, call and chat with people we have not heard from for a long time and plan a special visit. The special charm comes from the expected gifting of Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus and more time spent with family and loved ones and from the sincere sharing of good wishes in home-made greeting cards for the coming year, which we send by mail.

When the infamous midnight strikes, time turns into the first months of the new year, which we sometimes start with a vow, otherwise we use our free time for chores at home and reviving leisure activities that otherwise run out of time, or read a book and additional fairy tale.

These are more beautiful features of the winter period, but there is also a slightly less beautiful feature of winter. For example, the fact that it is very cold outside. And that it is necessary to think wisely about what to wear the youngest, so that the cold does not spoil their atmosphere and they still look chic. I also offer proven solutions to these problems, which are used by many of our acquaintances and parents.

For the most part, our wardrobe in winter does not look much different from other seasons. There are still colourful and vibrant dresses of different cuts. How otherwise are the little queens sad and visibly disappointed when we offer them earth-coloured dresses or darker clothes from the closet… We don’t want that, do we? I like that children wear coloured clothes all year round, as this only makes them spread the positive energy among us even more successfully.

In winter, I combine multi-layered clothing. In addition to underwear, my queen wears two bodysuits or two long-sleeved T-shirts and two pantyhose, I upgrade this with my dress of choice, I add a bow or flowers to their hair, if it’s really cold, I add a bolero long-sleeved jacket and then I wrap it in her favourite winter jacket and shoes or warm boots. Little queen becomes the queen of the ice kingdom. 😊 Satisfied, smiling, happy and relaxed running around after the winter fairy tales and creating cold clouds with blowing hot breath into the cold air. 

Thus, a girl can still, regardless of winter conditions, be groomed from a bow to boots. It inspires and fills with positive energy everything around it, both on the way to the kindergarten and in the afternoon on a tour of the festively decorated city or on a walk in nature.

When we step out of the cold to warm, we simply take off the top layers of clothing and the girl is ready for a relaxed game. So very easy, isn’t it? For me, practicality and aesthetics always go hand in hand.

All of the mentioned clothes, except for the winter jacket and boots, can be found in the AMAREEN online boutique. For next winter, we are planning a lot of additional ideas regarding jackets, hats and footwear, with which we will enrich the offer of our online boutique AMAREEN. Stay with us.

30. 11. 2020

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