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Daily routine and your little queen

Routine is important for a child, as it teaches them how to take care of themselves and the things around them. However, mornings can sometimes be very chaotic, so it is important to follow it every day of the week.

For as long as I can remember, also for the days we stay at home I always try to look good. Every morning, whether it is a workday or a weekend day, I do basic morning hygiene, apply face cream, highlight lashes, style my hair, dress nicely. And I feel better.

Even now, when times are a little different, when it is not necessary to go to a well-established schedule every day, to go to kindergarten, school or to work regularly, I keep this routine. And it seems to me to be even more important.

Morning routine in my home

I also try to get my girls used to the morning routine. I often even give them priority, and I take care of them first and myself after. That’s us moms. When they get up, we first go to the bathroom, where they brush their teeth, face, hands, clean their noses, drink the first glass of water, I also apply cream to their faces every day and dose them with baby vitamin D. Then we go to their room where they take off their pyjamas, put it in a drawer for the next time, open the wardrobe and choose what they will wear.

We wear a dress almost every day, unless a more working or sports-active day is planned – including exercise in kindergarten. And yes, you read that right, otherwise a dress every day. Why? Because they like it best. Because little enthusiasts with their hands reach for the hangers and choose the dress that shines the most, the most colourful, that spins the most, that’s the newest. Little queens, right? Well, after we choose it together, we pull out also a nicely tailored white shirt, white tights (or socks with ruffles) and never without – a headpiece that nicely complements the whole image and adds a touch to the whole outfit. The girls dress by themselves, they just need help with the dress to fasten a zipper or buttons on their backs. Then they sit down on a chair in front of a large mirror and the final touches follows. Hairstyling. Just like in the hair salon. Here again, I try to listen to their wishes. Every day they choose between braids, ponytails, figs or loose hair. Meanwhile, they sit quietly and observe themselves in the mirror. Sometimes there is a little circus in between, at the expense of which will be the first to be styled, but we are already used to it – this is also part of this training of our “little puppies” and one step more in the growing up of our girls.

Little queens styled from head to toe

Taaaadaaaa. The girls are ready for a spin in a dress which makes me smile every single day. A beautiful day already begun.

I wear them in a dress even if we are at home all day. Because they feel as good as the little queen can when playing on the floor with dice, stacking puzzles, playing kitchen, playing with babies, and I’m glad they’re happy.

I put them in a dress even if I know they are going to get dirty. Because all clothes can be washed, whether it is leggings and a tunic, tracksuit, jeans or a dress. The washing machine washes everything. With white-coloured clothes with cotton composition there is another advantage that I can wash them at high temperatures and add stronger stain removers. We always clean all stains.

I wear them in a dress every day for kindergarten, except for the exceptions written above. Because the beautiful day continues in the dressing room in the kindergarten, when “classmates” observe each other, review what clothes they are wearing today, what is special about the dress, they are looking forward to showing the dress to the teacher…

It is important that we feel good in our skin, that we brighten up our day with little things, that we create positive energy and that we spread it further. It costs nothing, and the effects are huge.

Even your little queen can be styled from comfortable bows to slippers in comfortable AMAREEN clothing sets – with just one click. 😉

Have a nice day to you and your little queens too!

15. 3. 2021

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