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The desire to be well dressed in every moment of life – the beginning of our story of styling little queens

I am a mother of two little queens. I am also a person who loves aesthetics, that everything is in tiptop shape. The aesthetics of nature, of the home, of the surroundings, of cars, of accessories, of one’s image, of clothing, up to the aesthetics of every last detail.

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in fashion. I do not follow it recklessly, but I love creating useful, sustainable, and comfortable outfits for myself, for my husband, and for close family members. Fashion styles that are carefully selected, uniquely complemented, and useful for many years. For the past few years, however, I have especially enjoyed styling complete looks for my two daughters, Lana and Amarin. It’s such a fun thing to do. It takes so little for a young girl to be well dressed. To look like a little queen. I’m thankful that I was destined to have two daughters, because with girls, you can really do a lot to make them look like a dream.

I admit that we are often considered an eye-catching family. Especially the little ones, who always look perfect. We felt this both on trips around the world, and while exploring our home country. A lot of people ask us where we are from, and where we buy such beautiful clothes; they praise and admire us. But I always admit with a little embarrassment that it’s really nothing special, that you only need 2 or 3 items that make the whole image noticeable, to stand out. I’m happy to share my tips. And we already have a lot of imitators. Well, what is my most shared advice?

It is cheap and easy to assemble a complete set of clothes for little girls. With one dress that little girls absolutely adore, and with basic items and a standout stylistically related headpiece, your little girl will also be a real little queen and as sweet as the sweetest candy.

I always choose a dress first, which is:

  • comfortable – to wear on a slide, to kindergarten, and to a birthday party,
  • durable – well sewn, made of durable materials,
  • easy to maintain – washing, drying, if possible without the need for ironing,
  • easy to wear – so that the little ones can get dressed on their own or with minimal help,
  • made of pleasant materials – I place emphasis on materials that breathe, in which the girls do not sweat,
  • impressive – something that glows, that is pink, that is multi-layered for an effect when spinning or dancing, that cute animals are printed on the fabric,
  • usually without sleeves or just with short sleeves – to be worn in all seasons.

I find ribbon headbands for mini queens and hair clips for slightly bigger queens essential. I am of the opinion that “less is more”, so I most often combine simple and large bows that really put the finishing touch to the selected dress. My daughters have been wearing various headpieces since they were just 6 weeks old. We first started with ribbons and followed with hair clips. In the morning, they enthusiastically stand in front of the drawer where we keep an entire treasure trove of various headpieces for our little queens. They know how to combine and recognise the colour and cut of the headpiece which matches the chosen dress the most. And it is such a beautiful girly event for us every morning.

And that’s that. Your girl is dressed to perfection. She feels good. She is comfortable. She is happy because others notice her with enthusiasm. She feels like a little queen.

Now, let me reveal a few more tricks to make this one dress with one headpiece wearable for many different occasions. To make the purchase really smart.

If you want to wear the dress not only in the summer and on really hot days, but on colder summer mornings and evenings as well, add a short-sleeved T-shirt and socks with a decorative hem. If you want to combine the dress in spring and autumn, add pantyhose and a long T-shirt in winter. Thus, with six pieces, you are guaranteed to use the garment for the whole year. If necessary, just add cardigans, jackets, coats, hats or headbands, slippers and various seasonal shoes.

What do you think, isn’t it easy? It takes so little for your little queen to be admired by others as well. In our online boutique, you can find the clothes I’ve tried on my two girls, make a lot of useful purchases, and read even more useful tips. 

18. 11. 2020

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