Audio math teacher (pink/white)

Electronic cute pocket-sized children’s audio math learning aid during play, fun and excitement to learn math, which responds with sound in English to correct or incorrect math tasks. A toy in the form of a cute children’s desktop calculator. Children love to imitate adults and pick up children’s calculator for learning mathematics. With the children’s calculator, children practice learning basic mathematics (and indirectly also English) in a fun way. Say goodbye to boring learning methods and bring learning to children in a way that is interesting, fun, easy and enjoyable. The joy of learning new things and encouraging achievement from an early age.

Advantages of using an audio math teacher: mental calculation, training and developing the brain, strengthening the knowledge of numbers and mathematical knowledge, practicing logical abilities, training calculation, several teaching models of planned mathematics learning, the effect of learning mathematics is doubled, different ways of learning mathematics increase children’s learning interests, games with equations are easy to remember, digital games are interactive and interesting, indirect learning of English.

Features of using the audio math teacher: 2 million questions, setting the available time to answer the questions, listening to the calculation process, number games, real-time checking of calculations, comfortable buttons, silent operation, indirect English learning.

Number games: memorizing the sequence of numbers (15 seconds to memorize the sequence of numbers), finding the differences (listen to the question and spot the different numbers), finding the pattern (observe the pattern of numbers and find the next one).

Reading calculation aloud: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division (smartly asking and confirming questions, encouraging the child to answer questions, smartly correcting when the answer is wrong, flashing the correct answer).

Determination of available time for answering questions: free time setting (5 or 10 seconds or no time limit, difficulty gradually increases), silent training.

Suitable for children 3-9 years.

Additional with audio math teacher: USB charging cable, box, instructions for use in SI/HR/EN.

Size: 140*70*15 mm

Weight: 90 g

Warranty: 6 months


ABS, plastic

Wipe with a dry cloth, do not throw on the floor.


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