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Headpieces for little queens

It’s not just the dress that makes the “wow” effect of the image of a little girl. In my opinion, the biggest aesthetic impression is left by the decoration on the girl’s head or hair. Because then, it’s one really nice live “package”; perfect, outstanding, and stylistically coordinated. You can’t stay indifferent when looking at a little girl dressed up like that.

I suggest that mums start with headpieces as soon as possible after birth, so that little girls get used to having something on their head. So later on, there will be no problems even with wearing hats, ribbons, headbands, or glasses. I started with the headpieces on our two girls myself when they were just 6 weeks old. At that time, I opted for soft, comfortable, and not too tight ribbons. I often adjusted the width of the purchased ribbons myself, making them really comfortable to wear. And so the number of ribbons increased from week to week; I chose small and large ribbons, pink decorations, animal patterns, cartoon patterns. Today, our headpiece drawer is a veritable treasure trove of countless choices and combinations.

You can start using decorative ribbons at a very young age, when girls don’t even have hair yet. For really young girls, I suggest mini bows and mini flowers, since the head is still small and large pieces do not look appropriate. After about 3 months, larger ribbons look nice as well.

The sizes of the ribbons in our online boutique are already adjusted to different sizes of small heads, according to the months of age, so wearing ribbons will always be comfortable. We also make sure that the colour and style of the pattern on the ribbon perfectly match the stylistic upgrade of the basic piece of clothing.

When little queens slowly enter the world of toddlers, when they are no longer babies, when their hair grows and when we can measure the first centimetres of hair, hair clips come in handy and are easier and more comfortable to wear. Ribbons mess up the hair, which is not appropriate for little queens, is it? So, when you can grab one small handful of hair to make a “palm tree” on top of the head, it’s time to stop using ribbons, and start using hair clips or hairpins instead. For the hair clip to always stay in place, not losing hair clips every day, and for the parents not to constantly have to fix the little hairstyle, I really suggest you start with mini ponytails (use a thicker transparent elastic, as thin ones are difficult to unravel from thin hair at the end of the day), make a mini ponytail on the side above the forehead, twist it so that the hair falls back, and you get a fixed area on the head of the little queen where you simply clip the selected hair clip. The little queen will thus have a perfect hairstyle all day long.

Even when the little queen grows and has increasingly bigger and longer hair, I always suggest choosing a similar trick to fix the hair: either a ponytail, braid, twisted bun, or a bun (later I suggest using mini elastics in your queen’s hair colour), where you pin a hair clip with a ribbon or floral pattern. This will ensure that your little queen will look good all day.

In each of our images of little queens, you will always find a stylish bow or flower on a ribbon or hair clip. You can also use our ribbons or hair clips to style and complement other clothes that you already have in your little queen’s closet.    

19. 11. 2020

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