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Preparing for kindergarten and school – what do our youngest need?

When summer is starting to end, sun goes down sooner which lowers evening temperatures, and with it, for us parents, the slightly more active time begins, when it is necessary to accompany children to kindergarten or to school.

How are your preparations going? Do you already have everything your little ones will need during the educational year?

A new turning point for our youngest and arranging their wardrobe in kindergarten and school

These transitions are the most important turning points of our youngest ones, and it is fitting for the turning points to make them unforgettable and beautiful.

Since the child will spend a large part of the day away from home, he needs to prepare everything he needs for his comfort in kindergarten or school. For my two daughters, I am happy to make sure that their backpacks always include additional long-sleeved and short-sleeved T-shirts, thights, socks, underwear, as well as dresses and “matchy” headpeaces. There is also a sweater, so that there is not too much extra bad mood if the little ones accidentally get wet, dirty or need an extra layer of clothes in kindergarten. In addition to all the things in the children’s backpack, I also put rubber boots and a cape in their wardrobe, so that my little ones are ready for all weather conditions, so that they can go out in rainy weather to find some interesting puddle. Later in the fall, I add a ribbon or hat to their shelf.

I leave these things right in kindergarten so we don’t have unnecessary work and daily worries about whether we took everything with us or not. In the place where my daughters have a wardrobe, I also put a thermos for them so that they can quench their thirst.

Finding suitable children’s slippers for kindergarten and school

One of the more important things that I haven’t mentioned yet, because I give it a special treatment, are the soft and comfortable children’s slippers for kindergarten and school. For a long time, I searched and followed the offers and oriented to find comfortable, safe, practical and beautiful slippers for my daughters. We tried quite a few different slippers, from cheaper to more expensive, but I was never really happy. Some were beautiful, comfortable, and they wore out too quickly even before their daughter outgrew them. Others were soft and beautiful, but they had no rubber sole, in which the foot also got wet at the slightest contact with water or slipped while walking. Some were uncomfortable to wear without socks, which can be a problem in the summer. Or children have torn the elastic that hugs the toddler’s leg as she puts on her slippers. I was always looking for light, leather, comfortable and safe slippers, but there was always something to disappoint me. Of course, there was always an emphasis on the attractiveness of the slippers, so that the daughters would love to wear them. Then we approached our AMAREEN slippers, we named them Unicorn, as the head of the cute silver-gold unicorn is indicated on the front of the top of the slippers. Unicorns of course are adored by all the girls! How many questions, if they really exist, do they really fly, do they really have a golden horn?

Leather slippers for our daughters

And so we designed our AMAREEN Unicorn moccasins made of soft genuine leather, only the sole is made of artificial leather for greater durability. Rubber parts are seamlessly sewn on the sole, especially in the heel area and especially in the toe area, so that the little ones do not slip, as well as so that they do not get wet in contact with water. The leather slipper has an elastic band hidden under the fringes, with which the slipper comfortably and just right hugs the girl’s leg. The front of the slipper in the shape of a moccasin is complemented by a crown and a unicorn horn, a pair of eyes and a pair of cheeks, which conjures up a real fairy-tale creature for the joy of our little queens.

Easy slipper maintenance

The slippers are also easy to maintain, wipe them outside with a damp cloth and all the dirt goes away. Slippers are very durable, girls outgrow them sooner than any unwelcome wear happens to them. And of course, also very important – the girl’s slippers are easy to put on independently.

Tips for choosing children’s slippers

Our leather Unicorn slippers can be worn by your youngest babies as the first “decorative shoes” when their feet “dangle” from the stroller, but those slippers are still without sewn rubber in the sole, because the babies are not walking yet. In the colder months, our Unicorn slippers warm the baby’s feet a little more so that they don’t get cold while wandering outside.

Our Unicorn slippers are wonderful footwear for the first steps of your little ones, as they do not slip due to the rubber parts sewn into the sole, allowing them a safe and comfortable step, so that the first important turning points will be possible even faster.

Slippers that fit any “outfit”

Our Unicorn slippers are made with the desire to come in handy and to fit nicely with all the “outfits” of your girls, no matter what color of clothes and what pieces of clothing the girls will choose, whether it be dresses or pants. Therefore, they are inconspicuous and neutral colors. Always chic!

How to properly measure foot size?

And one last tip when buying slippers or other footwear for your little ones I suggest to wipe the bare foot of the toddler in a standing position on a sheet of paper with a pencil so you get the length of the bare foot, then always add 1 or 1.5 cm when choosing shoe size, that the footwear will last for at least half a year and that the slippers will be comfortable even when the little ones are wearing socks or toes. With us, we therefore avoided standard sizes with footwear numbers according to the markets of individual countries, and we preferred to design different footwear sizes according to the desired inner length of the slipper or shoe. With Unicorn slippers, you can choose between the internal sizes of slippers from 11 to 17 cm, which corresponds to the age of girls from 3 months, and somewhere up to 4 years of age.

We wish you a happy and playful kindergarten and school year 2021/2022!

19. 8. 2021

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