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Basic pieces of clothing for children that can be combined for any occasion

Basic pieces of clothing are the ones that every child needs in the closet. The advantage of such clothes is that they can be combined with each other throughout the year and at the same time and add a final touch to each look. Everyone thinks that it is easy to dress a girl in a dress and also somehow combine the any existing frogs and a T-shirt from the closet. Then moms or dads are often disappointed that the combination just doesn’t turn out as nicely as you imagined. Why? Because they didn’t follow a simple trick – less is more!

No big deal, most of us go through the phase. And we make unfortunate combinations for our little queens. Until you learn or someone shows you how easy it is to actually make a “chic” combination with a dress and basic pieces of clothing or undergarments.

7 ideas on how to combine undergarments into a perfect styled queen

With you today, I share simple tips on how to combine dresses with undergarments. To make it easier for you to understand, we present you some combinations of dresses and undergarments from the AMAREEN online boutique:

Dress Pure

In the case of a white dress, it turns out best when combine with white underpants, i.e. white bodysuits with short or long sleeves. On colder days, we add white pantyhose to the dress, and on warmer days, white socks with ruffles. The advantage of the Pure dress is also that it can be combined with decorative panties for the diaper and a white bow for the hair.

If it was colder, we put on a versatile neutral white bolero jacket for the girl, which by the way goes perfectly with all dresses, but if it’s the winter months, we wrap the girl in a warm coat or jacket and color-coordinated covers such as a scarf, hat and gloves. We are already preparing full AMAREEN clothes for next winter, so that your queen will be “chic” even in winter and will enjoy winter adventures without any problems.

Dress Wind

You can also combine apricot-coloured braces with the dress, but you should make sure that the upper (shirt) and lower brace (frogs) are the same light apricot shade. You should probably “turn over” quite a few stores and go into the extra cost of shopping to find a nice combination of the same light shade of apricot colour. The best combination is the one that is simple – next to the dress, they combine white braces, such as a white bodysuit or T-shirt, frogs and socks. For the final touch, don’t forget the apricot-coloured head piece (flowers or ribbon) and the comfortable ballerina shoes.

Dress Country

The most beautiful combination to a Country dress are a white T-shirt or bodysuit that fits the body nicely. So the t-shirts aren’t noticeable at all, and the dress is really nicely displayed. You can add a large white head piece to the whole picture – a ribbon that will round off the whole look into a beautiful whole. If the head piece was small, it would get lost in the overall look of the girl, and we really recommend the big head piece, which in addition to the dress make the most “wow” effect when we look at the girl.

If you have started to accustom your toddler to the toilet in the warmer months, but he still wears nappies, a great addition is also decorative panties for over the diaper, so that the nappies do not “peek” out from under the clothes. Which queen wants to show off a diaper under a nice dress?

Dress Sunshine

For colourful dresses with additional colourful graphics, be more restrained when combining. You can create the best combination with white undergarments. We also did an experiment with a black T-shirt and black frogs, but it also turns out nice. We also plan to add new black combinations used in the AMAREEN online store, prepared for your little queens.

Dress Garden

The Garden dress is perfect for spring days. As with the Wind dress, we can also combine braces in a light shade of the dress, such as pink. So here too, simple white underpants, a tailored white body or a T-shirt and a white frog or socks, such a winning combination for arranging your girl’s beautiful “outfit”. You can add flowers or a ribbon in a strong pink shade as our head piece.

Dress Roses

In order for the formal dress to express itself as beautifully as possible, and since the dress is already special and a perfect cut, care must be taken not to combine different patterns and other types of flowers with it. Nothing else is as appropriate as a classic combination with white undergarments. No extra patterns, colours, glitter effects, just a white tailored T-shirt and white frogs or socks. Here also, you can add a girl’s head flowers or a ribbon in a strong pink or in a light pink shade.

Dress Levander

I think beads are a beautiful and classic detail that makes the dress even more elegant in your little one will be in it quite real than a real queen. The dress for special occasions is in itself perfected and does not need additional emphasis.

How can I conclude?

It is best to have in your girl’s home closet, in addition to colourful and less colourful dresses, simple white underpants or basic clothes that you can combine with each other. These pieces are timeless and really always useful. Make sure that the bodysuits and T-shirts have a nice tailored cut, that these pieces are not too big and too loose. You can wear them under any dress of your queen, and they will always be beautifully arranged.

For frogs, it is important that they are well sewn, strongly woven, soft and warm. The same goes for the socks, so that they are nicely and comfortably fitted and that they keep nicely on the feet so that they do not slip down. We were especially careful when creating the undergarments to meet all our personal quality standards, we also paid attention to the ratios between cotton and elastane. A key advantage of AMAREEN braces is that they are comfortable, long-lasting and do not wrinkle when worn frequently. Believe that both you and your little queen will be satisfied with our products.

Bonus tip: Undergarments like bodysuits, T-shirts and frogs are also suitable for your little kings. 😉

With us, both daughters each have more than 5 of white underpants, that we don’t need to wash every day and that we are stocked with basic clothes for under clothes for a few days in advance. You can also find sets of 3 pieces of undergarments in our online boutique AMAREEN, where you can buy them at a better price than if you bought them individually. On cold days, we also wear undergarments under tracksuits and other more sporty clothes when girls need multi-layered clothing. And as I’ve pointed out in previous records, white undergarments are the easiest to maintain. If necessary, we wash them at 60 and more degrees, but we can also use stronger stain removers. We cannot separate from them!

20. 4. 2021

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